Update on Sales Process 

It has been reported in The Australian, that a shortlisted of developers has been for the future tender of the Sirius site. 

The article has named three developers: Poly, CWG International, China Aoyuan Property Group as being shortlisted. 

While a PropertyNSW spokesman said “The government has now short-listed a number of proponents to participate in the Request for Tender stage” 

Read the full article here

1 thought on “Update on Sales Process 

  • Hi SOS,

    Thanks for keeping us all updated on Sirius. That article clearly says that Sirius, “is to be demolished and the site turned over to a new complex of luxury apartments, hotel accommodation or offices,” but isn’t Sirius on the heritage register? Can they really just demolish it, despite the heritage recognition, many protests and even international recognition? Would they run into any legal issues, considering it is the Government going against their own ruling?


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