January 9, 2018

Sirius People

The fight to Save Our Sirius is a campaign made by many people. 

Since 2014 Helen Barrow has been filming Sirius People – the residents and supporters behind our campaign. The stories of these Sirius People are presented here, including: Myra Demetriou, Tao Gofers, John Dunn, Margaret Bishop, Owen McAloon, and Graham Quint. 

Thank you to Helen Barrow, and Ivan Lentell & Russell Fitzgibbon for editing.


Myra Demetriou: The Last Resident of Sirius  

“It’s ridiculous not to have social housing in the city. Every other great city in the world has social housing” – Myra Demetriou.

Myra Demetriou is the last remaining resident of Sirius, and a fighting member of the Save Our Sirius Foundation.

Sadly, Myra will soon move from Sirius leaving 79 empty purpose-built social and affordable apartments. Join us to farewell Myra at morning tea – Saturday 27th January at Sirius from 11am. More details at www.saveoursirius.org/blog/2018/01/03/myras-farewell-morning-tea


Tao Gofers: Architect of Sirius 

Tao Gofers, architect of Sirius, believes cities need to be inclusive. Here he tells the political and architectural story that lead to Sirius. 


Owen McAloon: One Way! Jesus  

When Owen first moved in, his new accommodation disrupted his quiet and solitary existence, but believing everything happens for a reason, he hit upon the idea of a three-word ministry. He hoped people would have time to read ‘One Way! Jesus’ as they drove over the bridge and into the city. He liked the economy of his message and was pleased to hear it had been compared to the ‘Eternity’ that Arthur Stace had chalked on footpaths around Sydney decades earlier, but he was unaware that his identity had been a decade-long mystery.


John Dunn & Margaret Bishop 

“Things that you value you have to stand up for them and fight. People I in the community are fighting in different ways” – Margaret Bishop.

John Dunn and Margaret Bishop have been instrumental in telling the stories of Millers Point residents and key campaigners in the fight to Save Millers Point, and Save Our Sirius. This character profile features Millers Point Residents: Chris Hinkley, Marcia Chalmers, Millicience Chalmers.


Graham Quint: National Trust 

Graham Qunit, National Trust, discusses the cultural, social, and architectural heritage of Millers Point & The Rocks.