Tanya Plibersek speaks in parliament about Save Our Sirius

Passionate Save Our Sirius supporter, The Hon. Tanya Plibersek spoke in Parliament’s yesterday to acknowledge the efforts of Save Our Sirius for standing up for the people and residents of Millers Point and The Rocks.

In her address, Tanya said “It is a shocking thing to see this community broken up in the way that it has been. And know that iconic buildings like Sirius that aren’t just known for their architecture, but for the role they play in society will be lost”

Tanya attended Myra’s farewell, and during her speech gave special mention to Myra Demetriou, Barry GardnerShaun CarterJohn Dunn

Our campaign is not over! We are continuing plans to #SaveOurSirius.

2 thoughts on “Tanya Plibersek speaks in parliament about Save Our Sirius

  • Is it too late to re-establish a Mlllers Point community of residents by bringing back anyone evicted who is willing to return? Is Labor committed to removing Sirius from sale and retaining the whole building for public and/or affordable rental housing, possibly with a Trust or other mechanism set up so that no future government can meddle in its ownership or purpose? The current irresponsible and ill-intentioned Liberal government has destroyed the lives of people, many with deep historic roots in Millers Point. Sirius is sound. It may need a gerni clean, new planting and some internal repairs but these works to freshen it up are minor compared to the huge potential loss of cultural and architectural heritage, and embodied energy – greenhouse emissions which must now be accounted.

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