Illustration by James Gulliver Hancock

Sydney based illustrator James Gulliver Hancock has drawn Sirius to support the Save Our Sirius Campaign.


Sirius Illustration by James Gulliver Hancock

“The amazing brutalist Sirius building in Sydney. I’ve only come to love these types of buildings after drawing buildings for years. Now I realize we can’t do without a diversity of architecture styles in cities with buildings like these that hint at an amazing sci-fi future” – James Gulliver Hancock

Signed Prints Available for Sale to Support Sirius 

A3 sized signed prints of the illustration are available online, with profits going to the Save Our Sirius Campaign. Purchase online:


Original Signed Illustration to be Auctioned 

James has also donated the original hand drawn illustration, which will be auctioned to support the campaign. More on this coming soon.


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