Sirius Fenced In by FACS


A statement from Save Our Sirius Chairperson, Shaun Carter;


Today the cruel and deliberate hands of Family & Community Service (FACSNSW) and the NSW Government have shown they have learnt nothing from the history of Green Bans & the recent disaster of Westconnex, to fence off Sirius for spurious reasons.

Make no mistake this is an act of bastardly.

This is to stop university students, architects, concerned citizens, and a 90 year old legally blind lady from enjoying Sirius Apartments. What a threat we must impose. What thin skins and big egos FACSNSW and the Government must have that they feel so threatened by concerned citizens simply walking around Sirius and enjoying the nationally significant architecture that they have to fence it off.

Shame on you FACS and the relevant Government Minister.

Today is a very sad day indeed. Sad because we see a government so out of touch with the very people that elected them, that they act in such a callous and mallows way. It is also sad that the government feels the need to bully away a threat of people loving and appreciating a building.

A sad day because a building that people love so much they are willing to fight for it, is being fenced off in the same way of great walls of social division like Apartheid or the Berlin Wall had been. This is not democratic. This is autocratic. This is a slippery slope.

If Sirius represents the Heart of Sydney, the NSW Government appears determined to destroy it.

Join us for #FridayNightSirius on June 2 to show your disgust at the governments actions.

Shaun Carter
Chairperson of the SaveOurSirius Foundation

 MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Ben Peake m: 0432 656 838